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Nr. F6 - Paris
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(CAROLINGIANS. Hughes le Grand. Duke of the Franks and Count of Paris, 923-956. AR Denier (21mm, 1.23 g, 6h). Silvanectis (Senlis) mint. + [CR?]TI? DI REX, [H]V[I]I [D]VX around cross pattée / SNV?/(NE)CTIS in two lines; bar between, cross above and below. Prieur & Pourcherol p. XXXIX; Duplessy, Féodales 6; Legros 44; Poey d'Avant 25 and pl. I, 14. Fine, toned, areas of weak strike. Extremely rare. This extremely rare type was traditionally given to the first issue of Hugh Capet, but Legros persuasively argued that it actually belongs under Hughes le Grand.)
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