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Nr. 3899-3948 - (maschinell)
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(Merovingian AV Tremissis. Uncertain mint, c. AD 585-620. TN...?, stylised diademed bust right, cross to right. / Latin cross over bar with six pellets beneath, within three sided rectangle; vertical sides inscribed R and inverted N or V. Unpublished in the standard references. For a possible mint identification with RN and RV monograms cf. G. Depeyrot. Le numéraire mérovingien l'age de l'or, Moneta 14, Wetteren 1998, pp. 19-20 and Belfort 3899-3948 (RVTENVM [Rodez, Aveyron]). 1.28g, 11mm, 12h. Very Fine. Very Rare.)
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